Plum Creek Kennel Club of Colorado (PCKC) is the largest AKC all breed kennel club in Colorado.

We are an AKC member club dedicated to furthering the knowledge and care of purebred dogs. We want to protect dogs and encourage interest in all breeds of purebred dogs. We also encourage sportsmanlike competition at dog shows and obedience trials. PCKC has a strong group of members that specialize in solutions to animal issues within the community.

The Plum Creek Kennel Club conducts sanctioned matches, dog shows, and obedience trials under the rules of the American Kennel Club. We are always available to provide information, assistance, and the benefit of our experience to local and state governments. We host and support a variety of events, including the Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Shows (RMC).

Plum Creek Kennel Club members visit Cimarron Middle School in Parker, CO
on March 6, 2014

14 years ago Alan Krenek began organizing this presentation to middle schoolers studying genetics in collaboration with a teacher at Sierra Middle School who later transferred to Cimarron.

Each year we introduce students to a variety of breeds and each club member that participates shares with the students how old their breed is, what they were originally bred to do, the country in which the breed originated, and what their particular characteristics are as well.

Talking points include what a dog show is all about, responsible dog ownership, the purpose of breeding purebred dogs, and when time permits, a bit about performance events and junior showmanship. Each year we do two presentations to three classes at a time.

This year Marty did a short demonstration of Rally with Gambler. At the end of the presentations, students are invited up to see the dogs close and personal and ask their owners questions.

We all had a great time talking about our dogs and the dogs loved all the attention!

This year’s participants pictured were, standing from left to right:
Marty Krenek with her Yorkshire Terrier, Jeff Melnick with his Akita, Bill Murray with his Schipperke, Kara Vandiver with her Italian Greyhounds, Jim and JoAnn Alford with their Russky Toys, Fred Foreman with his Portuguese Water Dog, and Mike McCarthy with his St. Bernard.

Sitting in front, left to right:
Kat Rainesalo with a Lundehund and Marlene Groves with her Bloodhound (Great photo! Thank You Marlene). Two people not pictured are Lynn and Mike Higgins who brought their Buhund and a Norbottenspets.

Thank You to Plum Creek Kennel Club for their $5,000 donation to
"Rolling out Help to Colorado- Pet Disaster Relief Trailers"




Tessa Johnson - Giving Programs Administrator
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Membership Meetings -- Our meetings are held on the second Monday of each month, beginning at 7:00 p.m, at Mimi's Cafe at 9155 PARK MEADOWS DR. LONE TREE CO 80124. Restaurant and beverage orders at the meeting are at your own expense. We look forward to hearing from you, and most of all seeing you !

Membership Meeting - April Meeting: 4/14/2014




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